July 19, 2012

LED Light-up Pirate Hook

Light Saber LED Multicolor Flashing Sword

Light Saber LED Multicolor Flashing Sword

Light Saber LED Multicolor Flashing Sword

Cool and amazing!

Arrr mateys! This is one fantastic light-up pirate hook that you can show your friends! Are there birthday parties or events nearing the horizon? Well that can only mean one thing: with this in hand along with your talking parrot, loot, and friends, you can have one great party or adventure! 

This pirate hook is nearly 4 inches tall with 6 LEDs along the hook. The hook itself is white plastic while the rest is a thin black cloth with skull and bones imprinted on one side. 7 amazing colorful modes to choose from! Great asset for your roll-playing games and parties. Kids go nuts over these.

Great for:

  • Kids ages 3 and up.
  • Birthday parties
  • Just for fun!
  • Role playing games
  • Concerts
  • Fireworks shows
  • Any night-time events


  • About 4" long
  • Contains 6 LEDS along the hook: 2 green, 2 red, and 2 blue to give the illusion of rainbow along the hook
  • 7 modes! Including solid-on and all colors flashign at once! During the strobe mode, wave this hook around to make cool rainbow effects!
  • Push button underneath the cloth to turn on/off and cycle through the modes
  • Uses 3 x LR44 batteries, already preinstalled. Easily replaceable!

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