July 26, 2012

LED Light-Up Hand Fan w/ Changing Patterns

LED Light-Up Flashing Coaster

Keeping yourself cool with this light-up hand fan shouldn't be a problem! Awesome colors flash while you fan! So take out the strenuous work of fanning yourself because this hand fan gives great airflow with minimal effort! Not to mention you'll be creating stunning light shows while you do it! Comes with 7 fun modes including a strobe mode, where you can wave this fan around and make cool rainbow effects! Super bright and easy to see even during the day! 

A great Gift Idea! These fans make great gifts for any occasion and are great for that hard-to-shop-for concert or rave goer. If you're looking for a really cool gift, look no further!

  • Raves
  • Concerts
  • Parties
  • Burning Man
  • Fireworks
  • Evening Picnics and Barbeques
  • New Year celebrations
  • Special events
  • Birthday Parties

Available in a veriety of colors:

  • Red/Pink
  • Blue
  • -> One will be selected for you at random unless you specify your preference in the comments section during checkout. (Do NOT specify your preference in an email or on PayPal.) Please bid on how ever many you'd like and save on shipping, (see Shipping and Handling chart.)


  • Simple push-button operation 
  • 7 modes including strobe, solid on, and fast flash
  • Comes in either Pink or Blue
  • 3 bright LEDs at the base shine outwards to make a rainbow effect on the clear fan!
  • Lots of wind for minimal effort!
  • Easily visible during the day or nighttime
  • About 11" in length (the fan itself is 6") and about 6.5" max in width
  • Comes with 3 batteries already preinstalled! 
  • Batteries are very easy to change! 

Wholesale / Quantity Pricing:

We are a wholesaler and offer quantity pricing for your event, promotion or for resale.
Purchase a dozen and get wholesale pricing.
Check out the Wholesale Lots section of our store for details. Check out the Wholesale Lots section of our store for details.

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