July 11, 2012

Flashing 3 Star Wand

Meteor Storm LED Changing Pattern Spinner Wand

Check out this amazing 3-star wand! With 6 different modes you'll be ready for any party, any time. Comes with 4 LEDs (1 in each star PLUS the orb on the bottom!) and lights up any dark room or night-time event. During the strobe mode, you can wave the wand around to make really cool rainbow effects! Made with really durable white plastic, so you don't have to worry about it breaking! Batteries are secured with a screw so there won't be any accidental battery drops. Batteries are also easily replaceable. This 3-star wand a trip for all ages!  

A great Gift Idea! These wands make great gifts for any occasion and are great for that hard-to-shop-for party person. If you're looking for a really cool gift, look no further!

Great For:

  • Kids ages 4+
  • Raves
  • Concerts
  • Fireworks shows
  • Any night-time events
  • Parties
  • New Year celebrations
  • Special events
  • Birthday Parties


  • Made of sturdy white (not clear) plastic 
  • Bright enough to illuminate a small dark room
  • Bottom star is red, middle is green, and top star is blue
  • The orb on the bottom of the wand lights up red!
  • 1 bright LED per star and orb
  • 1 single push-button (star shaped) to turn on/off and cycle through the modes
  • 6 modes: 
    • Gradually lights up red, then green, then blue, and then repeats
    • Flashing red 
    • Flashing green
    • Flashing blue
    • Strobe (all 3 LEDs light up at same time). Wave this around at night to make cool rainbow effects!
    • Solid flash of red+green+blue
  • About 13" tall
  • Battery door is secured with a screw - no accidental battery drops!
  • Batteries: 3x AG13 (included, preinstalled)

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