July 5, 2012

Black Raver Gloves

White Raver Gloves, 6 modes, Multicolor


This is every ravers dream come true! Make a light show every raver loves. Put on some multicolor LED gloves. Make crazy tracing patterns with your hands in the dark - Stand out! They're like other gloves but with just one twist. The thumbs and fingers light up with color LED lights, controlled with the switch on back of the wrist. These stretchable LED gloves slip on just like regular gloves. They are so thin that you are still able to wear light up rings and bracelets with no interference for the ultimate light show.

Smooth surface inside - no wires! Gloves are dual layer, with the electronic components running  One size fits most (excluding very large or very small hands.) Stretchy, breathable material allows for maximum comfort.

Each finger tip houses 3 colors LED bulbs: Red, Green and blue. Gloves have 6 lighting modes including rapid flash, slow color-changing, (like a mood ring,) and steady on in multi-color, and flashing in each of the solid colors. Each pair of gloves comes with 2x CR-2032 button cell batteries, pre-installed, and ready to go out of the package. The CR2032 batteries are replaceable, just open up the Velcro compartment at the back of the hand, pull out the component board, slide out the two cells and replace.

This is a novelty item, and should only be used as such. They are good quality, but since they have wires running through them and they are fabric, they tend to be delicate and fragile. Take them off carefully, avoiding pulling on each finger. Wear them only for show only, avoiding handling items unnecessarily while wearing the gloves. Washing gloves will result in permanent damage to the electronics.


  • 3 LED lights in each finger - one Red one Green and one Blue - thats a total of 15 LED lights per hand!
  • Push-button operation - click to turn on, then again to cycle through modes.
  • 6 modes of operation: Fast flashing, Slow color changing, Solid multi-color, Flashing blue, Flashing red, Flashing green.
  • Component board housing the batteries, electronics and the switch stored in a Velcro compartment at the back of the hand.
  • Size is small, bug gloves do stretch.


  • Operation: Push button.
  • Modes: Six.
  • One size fits all. 
  • Batteries: 2x Replaceable CR-2032 button cell batteries in each glove, pre-installed.


  • One size fits all. 
  • Not washable.
  • Fragile. For show only. Do not handle objects excessively with gloves on.
  • Wear only with the battery/switch on the outside/back of the hand! Do not wear with the the electronics on the inside/palm side of the hand. May cause connections to fail prematurely.
  • If purchasing for an important event/performance/function, always get extra units! A lot of electronics for a very low price. Can have defects; can fail; can get turned on in transit and drain batteries...

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