June 4, 2009

Flashing LED Puffer Octopus Yo-Yo

Flashing LED Puffer Octopus Yo-Yo

Super soft and dangly rubber creature with big eyes, short soft spikes, and, of course, soft rubber tentacles. Put your finger through the loop and bounce it on the soft stretch cord like a yo-yo. LED lights inside make it flash amazingly bright with many different colors. Fits in the palm of your hand. You'll love squishing this thing as much as bouncing it up and down on its cord. Lights up when smacked, turns off automatically after about 20 seconds of rest.

Comes in a variety of colors:

  • Fluorescent yellow
  • Fluorescent orange
  • Fluorescent pink
  • Fluorescent green
  • (colors may vary!)


  • Dangling cord
  • Extremely soft, dangly spikes
  • Big round white eyes
  • Flashing LED's inside make it flash in various colors
  • Turns on when whacked
  • Turns off after inactivity

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