July 8, 2008

UV Security Ink Marker - UV/Backlight reactive security pen

UV Security Ink Marker - UV/Backlight reactive security pen


The Dri Mark Products, Inc. UV Security Ink Marker uses a specially formulated invisible permanent ink to permanently and discretely mark your valuables or equipment. The writing is only visible under ultraviolet (UV) or black light, and is completely invisible under regular light. Fine point marker, durable high quality tip. Use the ultraviolet marker to invisibly mark your valuables, portable electronics, important documents, artwork, etc. Use a UV flashlight to shine on the item to reveal the markings. Use for identification, to recover lost or stolen articles and to authenticate documents.


  • Mark your inventory.
  • Discretely identify your products or componetns.
  • Mark your valuables invisibly with permanent ink.
  • Discretely identify ownership of items.
  • Waterproof permanent invisible ink.
  • Write hidden messages.
  • Great for class projects.
  • Create Black-Light art.


  • Highly reactive! Very bright even under low cost, low power, 400 nM UV lights!
  • Extra-Fine point, allows for fine writing and marks.
  • Permanent, won't come off of your items.
  • High quality, major brand name. Marker tip won't ware out.

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