December 25, 2007

Ultraviolet Black Light 385 nM True-UV LED Keychain Flashlight

Caution! This is NOT a toy!
NOT intended for children.

Intended for use in security, medical, forensics, etc.

Ultraviolet Black Light 385 nM True-UV LED Keychain Flashlight


This is the new model of our classic 395 nM UV Teardrop Dual Action Switch keychain. Because of it's lower wavelength, placing it more into the UV spectrum, this unit will fluoresce reactive materials about 3 to 4 times stronger then the 395 nM model, making it ideal for commercial, professional, lab, and industrial applications.

Great for:

  • Check documents: ID cards, passports, etc.
  • Security: check invisible UV ink hand stamps
  • Cashier: check currency bills
  • Forensics
  • Medical / Chemistry lab
  • Read hidden text written with UV-reactive ink pens
  • Science experiments
  • School lab


  • Dual Action Switch!
    • Slide switch for constant-on operation;
    • Press the button for momentary operation.
  • Unbreakable LED bulb - incredibly tough.
  • Held together with 4 small screws for great durability - won't come apart!
  • Uses lithium button cell batteries - easily changeable (included, preinstalled!)
  • Many hours of continuous runtime off of a single battery - lasts many times longer then incandescent flashlights!
  • Easily attaches to key ring or zipper.
  • Swivel adapter for tangle-free operation.
  • UV / Black Light (Ultra-Violet.)
  • Retail clam-shell packaging.


  • Check currency bills, identification, etc. Detects all 3 colors of bank note security fluorescent filaments.
  • Philately - Identify fluorescent tagging on stamps of most countries.
  • Criminology
  • Mineralogy
  • Antiques - Spot fakes and easily test glass, china, cast iron, crystal, pottery, etc.
  • Security inks / check documents
  • Minerals, Gems, and Diamonds - Over 200 minerals react under UV light with wonderful color changes.
  • Admission Gates - Read UV ink stamps.
  • Urine & Spray - Spot cat spray and other urine and rodent feces hidden from the naked eye, including human bodily fluids!

Also available:

This style keychain flashlight is also available in non-UV versions with White, Red, Blue, or Teal light.

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