May 29, 2004

LED Keychain Flashlight - Slide Switch

Super Thin & Rugged
Durable Construction
Slide Switch Operation

Available in Red, White, and Blue light models.


These compact keychain LED flashlights are amazing! But what makes them so outstanding is their high quality, amazing ruggedness, and unsurpassed brightness of the LED. And their versatility and usefulness make these a perfect gift for everyone and any occasion. Other websites and retail stores sell inferior flashlights for $7-$15 per light! Plus, when you buy bulk they are so affordable that you can feel good about giving them away. We usually keep a few of these lights in our pockets and car to give them away to hotel housekeeping staff, outstanding wait staff, parking valets and anyone else who goes to that extra step to assist us, not to mention friends. The one on my keys never stays there long - it gets given away within a week. These make ideal gifts, stocking stuffers and corporate gifts. We will soon be offering custom imprinting on these as well. Please enquire if interested.


  • Slide switch for easy constant-on operation.
  • Slender body and secure switch, ideal for wallets, or attaching to other objects:
    • Can be permanently attached to equipment with screws;
    • Attach with Velcro or glue to car's sun visor, baseball cap's visor, tools, equipment, etc.
  • Shines a very bright beam, illuminating any path. You can read house numbers walking along a dark street!
  • Unbreakable LED bulb - incredibly tough.
  • Held together with 4 small screws for great durability - won't come apart!
  • Visible for more than a mile! Under clear conditions we have been able to signal out to two miles.
  • Red and Blue models are suitable for use with night vision.
  • Uses lithium button cell batteries - easily changeable (included, preinstalled!)
  • Many hours of continuous runtime off of a single battery set - lasts many times longer then incandescent flashlights!
    Lasts for years under normal use; many hours if used continuously, i.e. tent light or an outdoor marker.
  • A Great Gift Idea! These lights make great gifts for any occasion and are great for that hard-to-shop-for person.
    If you're looking for a really cool gift, look no further!
    Perfect as a corporate give-away. Custom imprinting available soon, please enquire.
  • Easily attaches to key ring or zipper.
  • Swivel adapter for tangle-free operation.
  • Uses easy to replace long lasting CR2016 or CR2032 lithium button-cell batteries (depending on model.)

Available in:

Color of the actual light beam, back cover and of the switch button, (except white, which has a black back and button.)

  • White
  • Red (ideal for pilot use with night vision)
  • Blue
  • Teal (currently not available, available in squeeze model and teardrop.)
  • Amber (currently not available, available in squeeze model.)



  • Personal Security
    • Keys
    • Car
    • Purse
    • Tool Box
    • Camping (tent light, tent marker, path marker)
  • Entertainment
    • Concerts
    • Parties
  • Safety
    • Use as lanterns while camping
    • Eliminate your path at night and in dark situations
  • Can be attached to other objects (remove the key ring first):
    • Permanently attach with screws or glue to equipment or tools.
    • Attach with Velcro to tools, clipboards, inside vehicles/boats/planes, caps, etc.


  • Length: 1 3/4" (42mm)
  • Width: 7/8" (22mm)
  • Thickness: 1/4" (7mm) - SUPER THIN!
  • Weight: 1/3oz (10g)
  • Batteries: 2 x CR2016 (red model uses 1 x CR2032) lithium cells.
  • Switch: Slide switch for constant on operation.

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